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Are you interested in learning the basics of henna history and building designs? You will learn the basics of all of these things in this group workshop! JoHenna Design will provide you with the tools to learn how to mix henna, package/cone henna, use a henna cone and begin building basic designs. This is the first class in the JoHenna Design Henna workshop series, so keep an eye out for more advanced classes in the future where you will learn complex designs, layout guides, bridal techniques, mixing and more!

What JoHenna Design will provide
• henna cones for each student to practice with at the workshop
• Practice workbook
• Small Design examples for practice
• All materials needed for mixing and packaging/coning the henna

What this workshop covers
• Brief henna history and traditions
• Different kinds of henna
• How to apply henna safely
• Aftercare importance and instructions
• Mapping out and creating basic designs
• How to begin any design
• Basic Fills

Optional: You may purchase the JoHenna Design Basic Henna Kit at the end of the workshop if you wish to continue your henna practice at home for a discounted price!