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Home for the Holidays…Transform chaos into calm
Can you believe it is already October!?
The holidays are right around the corner.
How did you feeling as you read that prior sentence…”the holidays are right around the corner.” ?
Are you experiencing stress or peace? What are the thought that are arising when you project yourself into that future? Are you breathing? Is your body tight or relaxed? Do you already have a script playing in your head to prepare for those family members that you have to ____ (fill in the blank)?
Join us as we explore the beliefs that keep us stuck in stress during the holiday season and give yourself the gift of unwrapping the present moment.
November 23rd
About the Facilitator
Jodi Patsiner is a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, Reiki Master, Multidimensional Energy worker, Meditator, lives a sober life for over 35 yrs, worked with the dying in hospice, and is a curious life adventurer. She has experienced The Work of Byron Katie since 2004, staffing The Schools for The Work and The Turn Around House (Katie’s 28 day recovery center) for many years.