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During this three part class series, you will learn techniques that allow you to quickly master the art of reading Tarot, and become certified as an “Intuitive Tarot Practitioner” at the master level.

Whether you are just getting started, or consider yourself a seasoned reader, there are vital
techniques offered in this class that can cut your learning time in half, teach you to access and develop your own intuitive gifts during readings, and help you build a relationship with the language of the Tarot in ways that will take your personal readings, and readings for others to the next level.
In this series you will learn to read with the Tarot as your spiritual companion and guide, and begin to feel confident as you right away find yourself giving amazing readings to others. The methods shared are simple, easy, and highly effective!

Because we want to begin the New Year by offering amazing opportunities for you on your spiritual path, pricing for this series is only $60 per class, or $180 total. If you sign up for all three levels (intro, intermediate, and master) in advance by March 7th, you can certify as a master of Intuitive Tarot for only $150, an amazing price for an incredible course that will transform your life, and allow you to positively transform the lives of others.

Yale Bowman has been reading Tarot for well over a decade, and started learning the cards and their meanings at a young age. He quickly recognized that learning to read, and regularly using the Tarot is a life-changing experience, especially for those on a spiritual path. Yale has committed to making learning Tarot simple, easy, and effective for anyone wishing to learn.
During thousands of readings, and years of experience with clients all over the world, Yale has developed techniques based on unlocking the body’s natural psychic abilities, utilizing the four elements, and on building a unique relationship with the language of the Tarot cards, which hold the voice of the universe inside them, ready and willing to connect with you!