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Called the “Yoga of Awareness,” Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that awakens your body, mind, and spirit. It does this by combining yogic postures and movements (asana) with meditative focus, breath work (pranayama), and chanting (mantra).

Kundalini Yoga encourages self-acceptance at whatever stage you are in life. What’s particularly appealing about Kundalini Yoga is its speed: Kundalini Yoga works very fast. By using its techniques for only a few minutes a day, you can change your body, feelings, and thoughts noticeably and positively. Eventually, the entire patterns of your life can transform deeply. From your very first class, you’ll experience the benefits, and everyone can do it!

You can either be above the energy of your life and ride it; or you can be below the energy, and it rides you. This is where Kundalini yoga fits in. It teaches you how to ride the energy.” – Yogi Bhajan