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How you are the Mental Architect of your Life.

47 years of research, teaching & application of new understandings at the School of Metaphysics …  has given us tremendous insight and experience with human genius!

There is marvelous realization in how your levels of conscious awareness cause your experiences, your learning, your growth, change and your degree of excellence.

Today, you can take command of your life, find new hope in causing the kind of life you prefer, cause the experiences you desire, and live the authenticity of your brilliance.

The conditions and circumstances in your life will no longer rule!  You’re going to think, perceive and live life differently with the command you have only dreamed of.   


You are Urged to experience 

the Universal Skills Course of Self-Transformation… 

MASTER LIVING with 10 Essential Life Skills.

Five Thursday’s,   6pm. – 8pm.     Feb. 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, Mar. 5th`

At Indy’s own VIP CENTER for BUSINESS WOMEN on Washington Blvd. near 38th

If you are ready to experience the 

Universal Influences that determine your quality of life… then register on the link below.


$69. includes all 5 classes, 10 Essential Life Skills, and the course book


You will discover 

  1. how you cause personal freedom and a playful, loving perception of life… 
  2. how the purpose of your life defines success…
  3. the “attention deficits” that produce undesirable human conditions
  4. lack of awareness is no longer acceptable
  5. how these Essential Life Skills give you command of life, dissipating human conditions, mental dysfunctions, emotional attachments, and lack of hope

6.   how and why your life unfolds the way it does.

7.   how you can create change… being you are the Mental Architect of your Life.

We go through our life rather unconscious, most of us pack emotions and experiences away in little boxes, corners, or rooms we never go in… and these eat at us everyday.

Most people don’t know how to clean up their life and change… 

10 ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILLS are the skills required to free human kind

and when you do… you liberate a whole set of healing mechanisms in your body and mind… to remarkably heal yourself.

So Register Now….. before you are distracted and forget your future


Advanced Registration: thru Jan. 30th,  $69.                                                                                     

5 week course…includes course book… $89. at the door 

Master Living Tickets:                                                                                                                                      https://www.eventbrite.com/e/master-living-tickets-87037887665