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Monday Men’s Gathering; 2nd/4th Monday November 9th/23rd

These gatherings are being birthed with the simple intention of having a set apart, Sacred Space to cOMmunicate about what is most present in the Field and in your life. Share/receive, whatever you feel you need most. Just show up and be present. Whatever is beneficial. Men with Men. wOMen with wOMen. Two options a month to help create cOMfortabilty/flexibility/movement. And Yin/Yang together. Once a month seems powerful/effective enough. Ha. We pray that a natural flow of conversation and open, meaningful exchange will transpire. Open to ideas, open to open with a Meditation, however/whomever feels led to lead that. Other than that, there won’t be a particular ‘leader’ or organizer of these gatherings. Instead we’ll show up and be present to what’s natural. What’s cOMing through. What needs to show up. No pressure. Just witness. It

is in our Witnessing of the mOMent, especially in a group, that can very effectively impact the Field.