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Numerology 101 Class (Pre-registration required, no walk-ins)

Learn Numerology from renowned Numerologist, Donetta Huffman, author of Semi-Circle
Numerology Cards. Donetta stepped away from teaching during Covid to write several series of
numerology books based on her knowledge amassed over the last 35 years. She began by
writing the Life Path 1-9 books, then she wrote the Soul 1-9 books, and finally she wrote the
Awakening Your Life Path, 30- Day Challenge 1-9 books.
Now Donetta is ready to get back to teaching and sharing her passion for all thing’s numerology.
In practicing and teaching the ancient knowledge of Pythagoras, the Father of Numerology,
Donetta believes that there are recognizable patterns in the vibration of numbers and these
patterns can be used to identify talents, characteristics, and inner strengths. It is a philosophy
based on the Universal language of mathematics.
Join her for this beginner’s class and you will learn how to calculate your core numbers using
only a birthdate and an exact name from a birth certificate, you will gain access to information in
regard to:
Life Path: ……………Your mission, who you are intended to be.
Soul: …………….. Your passions, secret desires, hopes and dreams.
Personality: …………… The impression you make on others.
Destiny: ……………….. The course of your life, who you will evolve to be.
Please join her for this exciting and fun class. Bring a friend. You will laugh, you may cry,
because your numbers will be so accurate, you will surely be amazed. You will want to rush
home to share this with your spouse, your kids, your friends! You will find yourself asking
everyone you know….