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Please join Dynamic Wisdom, LLC in collaboration with Indy Healing Center and the Indy Holistic Hub for a special screening of a new breakthrough documentary, “Is Your Story Making You Sick?”

“Is Your Story Making You Sick?” reveals the science and practice of how individuals battling addiction, PTSD, depression, and other stress-related illnesses can heal by re-examining the stories they tell themselves.  The film takes an intimate look at eight people from all walks of life as they bravely confront their difficult life stories over four workshops spanning six months.  Watch participants as they rewrite their stories and begin the process of transcending their pain.

Trailer: https://story.movie/#trailer

Doors open at 6:15 PM for a mingle and music.

Musical performance before the screening provided by Mr. Joe Hart, Band Director of Indy Holistic Hub Wellbeing Fest and Sponsor, Walk the Talk Speaker Series.

Join us after the film for a panel discussion and Q&A, live via interactive video, with special guest: Nick Kelso, Impact Producer of “Is Your Story Making You Sick?”

Dynamic Wisdom

Heather Meyer is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Nurtured Heart Approach Trainer specializing in counseling and consulting services through her private practice, Dynamic Wisdom, LLC.  Heather has held a steadfast commitment to sparking a desire for change and blazing a trail of transformation for children and adults experiencing significant behavioral and emotional challenges since 1993.


Indy Healing Center

At Indy Healing Center, Melissa Laborsky MD, empowers her patients to re-write their own healing stories by awakening to the language of physical / emotional symptoms.  Through the framework of Chinese Medicine, she guides patients to experience how every symptom holds wisdom.  Through the tools of acupuncture, herbs, healing foods, and energy exercises, patients open the ability to access this wisdom.

Indy Holistic Hub

The mission of the Hub is to connect, grow, and expand the local holsitic health and well-being community.  They offer an online directory of resources, indyholistichub.com, and a support network for holistic business in Indianapolis and surrounding communities.