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Create your own spirit card! In this Soulshop we will create an individualized Beauty Way card of ourselves for our own deck. Each Balanced in Beauty Way Spirit deck comes with a blank card for the one working with the deck to create for themselves. On the Inspirational side of the card is the quote “You are Beauty Way. Everything you need is already inside you waiting to be discovered.” Each participant will send Victoria a photo of themselves they enjoy and she will create several variations on sticker paper to be our starting canvases. The workshop will begin with a creativity activation meditation. We will take some time to get in touch with our Spirit then dive into adding color, design, words and embellishments that speak to our hearts. Your favorite portrait will be added to your deck and the rest of the stickers are yours to take home to use as you please.**You go home with your own 68 card deck**ABOUT THE FACILITATOR:
Last year, Indiana artist Victoria Williams Steen, published her Balanced in Beauty Way Spirit Cards. This 68 card deck pairs Victoria’s paintings with Spirit messages for maintaining balance in this busy time on our planet. This workshop was made possible in part by the Indiana Arts Commission.

About the cards: Each painting featured includes a message on the back that was spoken by Spirit to Victoria’s heart while creating the piece. The deck is a wonderful tool for encouragement, wisdom and well rounded beauty. This series came together after many years working with newly balanced and empowered feminine energies emerging on the planet. The Spirits of the cards assist to balance emotional, physical and spiritual health. These cards connect you more deeply with Spirit while also improving mental health. 68 front and back printed 3.5″x3.5″ round superior stock playing cards.

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