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This workshop is an introduction to somatic movement/dance as a means toward healing and optimal living.  Movement/dance that is conceived and performed reflectively is somatic movement  – movement that is observed and felt by the person who is experiencing it – the internal, first person perspective of the moving body.  We will experience, through movement, discussion and writing, the dynamic dance of doing and being, creating more ease and comfort in our bodies in the process. Rather than teaching through imitation and command, we will inquire: “what is available to me now?” This question illuminates the intrinsic connectivity of body and mind as well as the power of choice.  Please wear clothing comfortable for movement and bring a notebook for writing, if desired.

Some major themes of the class will be:

  • Building non-judgmental awareness of self and others
  • Learning simple practices of self-regulation and self-empowerment
  • Finding expression/communication for internal states; accepting and embracing this part of oneself and the community
  • Finding a dynamic balance between doing and being through movement and awareness
  • Experiencing the sensory/kinetic, rhythmic movements of the body for grounding and connection with others
  • Bringing levity and playfulness into the moving experience