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Event Series Event Series: Tai Chi for Beginners w/ LinDel

If you have ever watched people doing Tai Chi and thought it looked relaxing but too complicated to learn, then this is the class for you! LinDel teaches a short form of Tai Chi so the entire set of movements can be learned fairly quickly. Because you don’t need a huge space to do the form, it’s easier to practice on your own. (We each need about 4’ distance in the class so social distancing guidelines will happen naturally.) LinDel teaches in a fun, non-intimidating way and believes, “if you can pat your head and rub your belly at the same time, you can learn Tai Chi.”

We begin each class with some physical warm-ups then practice a bit of “Tai Chi walking” or “cloud hands” and do some “Qi ball” moving meditation to connect with our Qi (or chi) – our life force energy. LinDel teaches cancer survivors so they can adjust the movements to suit just about any level of health and fitness.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial arts form of self-defense known for its slow, relaxed movements. The movements are typically circular and never forced and the muscles and joints are relaxed rather than tensed. These gentle, yet dynamic movements increase physical stamina and balance and help you release mental and emotional stress.

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