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Human Design is the “New Science of Astrology,” or the “Science of the Aura.” Together, we’ll use this system based in evidence and ancient wisdom to discover who you were born to be, not who you learned to be, so you can recover the joy lost in living a conditioned life.

We will cover the basics of how to read your Human Design chart.

Here’s what you can expect to learn about:
– What Human Design is
– the Five Aura Types
– How your type manifests
– How your type navigates in the world
– How to make decisions and trust yourself
– Your strengths and gifts

Please bring with you:
– some paper and a pencil for note taking
– a printout (or screenshot) of your Human Design Chart (you can get this for free on JovianArchive.com)

Before discovering her Human Design, Hannah suffered her whole life with depression, burnout, illness, anxiety, confusion, and low self worth. Now, she is living a life that is her own, and her struggles no longer dominate her day-to-day. She has devoted herself to spreading the healing that Human Design has to offer this homogenized world and became a Certified Human Design Reader at the end of November.