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As schools, communities and businesses all over the country adjust to the dynamic circumstances of COVID-19, many of us are either suddenly working and/or learning from home, or supporting others who are making that shift.  It may be daunting if you’re used to an office or school for structure, socialization, focus and resources. There’s a lot to consider, including how to manage productivity, technology, and well-being— for yourself, and for those you lead & guide.

My name is Colette Pellissier, and I’ve been working, leading & learning remotely for more than a decade-  both part time as a senior leader in the Fortune 100 and full time for the last 5 years as the founder of Illuminated Leadership.

Having made many of the adjustments that you are leaning into right now, I wonder: if there was a way to save yourself time & energy, and help you stay productive and happy during Corona isolation, would you be interested in learning more?


Staying Productive and Happy During Corona Isolation

Join me for a conversation designed to support you as you navigate the current work-and-learn-from-home reality. A touchstone, chock-full of value. And clarity. And Love.

  • Take a break from the drama of the endless news (and housework!) cycle and steep in heart-centered Presence for a while. This might be your most important act of leadership. Balance is your ally, and it’s easier to access than you might think.
  • Learn & share tips, practices and resources that can help ease the challenges we are all facing right now. Together, we’ll foster insight, courage and resilience.
  • Build connection with other like minded souls who are committed to learning & growing through this situation, making the world brighter for each other…not later, but right now, while we are in the thick of it.

The Soul Tribe Sessions are completely complimentary.
They will be interactive.
Your needs will guide the content.

We’ll meet by Zoom, which means you can join by video (love to see you there, I’ll be sharing visuals!) or by phone.

Come as you are. I promise you that I will.

Thursday morning May 28th at 11:00 eastern, not longer than one crisp hour
Please register here so I know where to send the session details & reminders.  Or paste this URL into your browser to register:


Forward this message to others whom you think might be interested.

If you’d like to join, but the day/time of this session doesn’t fit for you, please send a message to colette@illuminatedleadership.co (no ‘m’ at the end) with your preferred options and I’ll adjust / add as needed.

If you are an organization leader and want to discuss how to support your teams at this time with bespoke solutions or training to enhance remote leadership & organization effectiveness, please reach out to me at colette@illuminatedleadership.co. I’d love to help.


These are uncertain times. In some ways the changes we’re making are simple on the surface but they are not trivial.  And they don’t come with an instruction manual.

Yet you don’t have to figure them out all by yourself.

The unique brilliance of your Light is welcome at the Soul Tribe Sessions.
Please join if you feel called.