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One hour of breathing from 5:30-6:30 2nd/4th Thursday each month with Ice Bath option on the 2nd Thursday of the month…..to get you into the deepest state of meditation, even if you are a beginner. This is open to all levels and instruction will be provided.

Learn how to melt stress, master your monkey mind and crush your fears and limiting beliefs. Using ancient techniques that have been modernized, you will learn how you can become your best self!

We will go deep into breathing, and meditation to rid yourself of that fight or flight mentality. Learn how mindset is critical to living your best life. To find peace and solace into going deep within yourself to find purpose and passion. To live without stress or anxiety, and conquer your fears!


“Troy has a real talent for using breathwork and meditation to help guide people and teams to deeper states of consciousness where real change is possible. During Troy’s assisted breath work, my whole nervous system woke up and my intuition flipped full on. I was able to immediately answer several questions I had been ruminating on. Everyone should experience this.” KB

Quick Bio for Troy Marchand (troymarchand@gmail.com)

Breath Coach and Mentor
Attended many Wim Hof method experiences, worked in transcendental meditation, and a business mastermind. After falling victim to the rat race of society, chasing money, and not taking care of himself, he dedicated his life to living a purpose filled intentional life and teaching others the way! Founder of M0RPH. Morph your breathing, morph your life.